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Monday, October 23, 2017

My blog is not yet dead.. just hibernating as I try to re-assess how I should proceed.

You see, I started my blog because I wanted to share a piece of me in the blogosphere, in case there is someone out there who can relate. I firmly believe that there's no one left out in this world.

I gave birth to my first child last May 24, and everything is a whirlwind. I birthed a child into this world, left my job and my home country to start a new life in a new country. I am currently a stay at home mom, focused on taking care of my first child and husband as well.

I did my research and reading to prepare, but nothing compares to the actual responsibilities of motherhood. Motherhood is one tough phase that you'll never outgrew. I used to say to myself "Give it more time and you'll have a system and everything will be place." Boy I was so wrong.

Creating a seed of your love is easy

Growing it inside your womb for nine months is hard

Nurturing it and seeing it mold as a person is a constant struggle.

Doing all for the first time is nerve-wrecking.

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I am now okay, able to breathe. I still can't believe that I am already a mother. I used to think that bearing a child will bring more perspective in what I want in life. I still am not sure. I am just really grateful for the wonderful support group I had, special mention to my loving husband who had been with me through my transition.

Let me lend the post with this phrase: Motherhood will give a new meaning to your life.


I'm working on a separate post for my motherhood experience with these topics:
Labor and Birthing Story
Breastfeeding Journey
First Three Months
Fourth to Sixth Month

Also, my husband suggested that I do mom vlogs since I have more time in my hands. He suggested by starting with our big move in Singapore. I am still unsure, I think it is a great idea. If you have also started a vlog, maybe you can spare this newbie some tips and tricks to jumpstart my vlog channel?

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