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Monday, September 26, 2016

Japanese cuisine is one of the fast-rising cuisine that was welcomed by the Filipino palate with arms wide open. It is inevitable as a lot of Japanese big food chains have opened here and you can have your fill of Japanese dishes anywhere, from high-end down to hole-in-wall types.

Fresh from our honeymoon as newly wed couple, Soshi and I was craving for something Japanese. Luckily we got an invite from Ramen Cool West Ave to try out their dishes.

Ramen Cool is a simple Japanese restaurant which offers a variety of Japanese dishes like rolls, sushi, sashimi, donburi and ramen. Currently they have 3 branches all across the Metro. Their interiors and ambiance is comparable to the clean and minimalistic approach of the Japanese.

Check out our dining experience in the video below:

Here's the breakdown of the items we ordered that time:

Pork Shoyu Ramen (Php195)

Soshi is a Ramen monster so we wouldn't miss trying out their ramen. They have quite a selection, but since he is a picky eater, we ordered the Pork Shoyu Ramen. Their Ramen are very affordable and big enough to share.

Whenever we order ramen, we usually pair it up with a gyoza, so we tried their pan fried gyoza. It is not as light as compared to other japanese gyozas, for their gyozas are meaty and quite filling.

Gyoza (Php135)

As a complimentary treat, we were given the Sweet Salmon Summer roll to indulge. I loved this roll because it was savory and sweet at the same time. It is a simple cucumber roll topped with flakes of salmon, mangoes, drizzled with sweet japanese mayo and topped with savory bits of wonder (I forgot what they are called).

Sweet Salmon Summer Roll (Php295)

Soshi does not like eating any type of rolls, maki, sushi nor sashimi, but he actuall ytook a bite of these rolls. And that's thanks to the mangoes he saw peeking through, that he actually considered trying them. 

Thank you Ramen Cool for inviting us to dine in your West Ave branch. We enjoyed our experience. If you are looking for simple and affordable Japanese dishes, Ramen Cool is your best bet. Do not expect something similar to the Japanese restaurant chains that were brought here.  Their dishes were adjusted to satiate the Filipino palate.

Where do you usually go if you are craving Japanese food? 
Let me know in the comments below! 

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Ramen Cool
Ground Floor, West Life Building, West Avenue, Project 7, Quezon City
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