Vibe Cafe at Life Yoga

Monday, July 04, 2016

After a nice yoga workout session at Life Yoga, you'll definitely crave for something to fill up your tummy. But the idea of fast food will make you cringe because you've put up so much work into that yoga session to waste it by binge-eating on foods that does not help with your fitness goals.

Luckily, Vibe Cafe is literally beside the Life Yoga Studio. They serve healthy meals and drinks that will complement all the workout you've exerted in their studio. You will never feel guilty because their meals were designed to make you full, while giving you a dose of macro nutrients that your body actually needs after that hot yoga sesh.

Vibe Cafe is a quiant cafe located beside (inside as well!) the Life! Yoga studio. It is a  one stop quick shop for health buffs (of hungry foodies as well!) who has a grumbling stomach after an intense workout. I was invited to try out their dishes before they go fully announce it to the public. They were on soft opening when I visited them.

I was suppose to attend a yoga session that afternoon, but unfortunately I didn't make it to the 4PM class (dang that metro traffic!). These are the items in their menu:

The name of each dish was too witty and very catchy! They say that the food must be visually appealing and their dishes did not disappoint. I ordered two dishes just because I felt like one dish will not be able to satiate my ever grumbling stomach (the downside of being a foodie). I tried the Lil Kimchi dish and Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese sandwich.

Lil Kimchi and Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese

These two dishes were definitely filling. I was full to the brim after eating both. You may think that healthy dishes is not as filling as normal fatty dishes. Boy, you are wrong. Healthy dishes like these are packed with macro-nutrients that you'll never know what hit you. A few bites will leave you full and satisfied already. Talk about healthy eating portions!

Go ahead, try some of these dishes from Vibe Cafe after your yoga sesh at Life Studio or even a spinning session at which is just a few stores ahead of Vibe Cafe.

What's your go-to post workout meal?

Vibe Cafe
2F Eight Forbestown Road
Burgos Circle, BGC, Taguig
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