Foot Spa at KitcheNails

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another pampering day at KitcheNails!

Our feet is considered one of the hardworking part of our body as it carries our whole weight all day. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most neglected part. Once in a while it is best we pay attention to our footsies and give them a day off.

KitcheNails is one of my favorite salon for a hand and feet pampering session. As you walk inside their store, you'll get a whiff of sweetness which instantly boosts your mood. It's as if you walked in a candy shop with all the sweet treats waiting for you.

I came in at KitcheNails Trinoma for an Entree. Their services stays true to their theme as all items in the menu are names after flavors and scents. KitcheNails entree is similar to a spa experience. It is a complete package which includes mask, scub, massage and mani/pedi.

I picked one of the Best of the Entree, the Antioxidized and Cleansed Entree. It consists of a cucumber scrub, coffee mask, green tea oil and signature massage.

Check out my experience in the quick video below:

Everytime I come in at KitcheNails, I always end up leaving satisfied. Their store is really a scent heaven and will tickle your sweet tooth. Thank you KitcheNails for another relaxing pampering session.

Trinoma, Q.C.
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