Kitchenails Trinoma: A unique Nail Salon to feed your senses

Sunday, February 21, 2016

KitcheNails is a newly opened nail salon at Trinoma. The concept of the nail salon is quite unique as the whole salon exudes scents that will make your tummy flip. KitcheNails is a culinary-inspired nail salon which features a unique way to pamper your hands and feet (and even your nostrils).

They opened a few weeks ago, and I was lucky to be invited to try their services. I rarely go to a nail salon because my nails are pretty low maintenance. I just keep them short and clean and that's it. If I'm feeling a bit adventurous, I'd sport a nail color.

Their interiors will remind you of your own home (or at least your dream home).  As soon as you step inside their salon, you'll get a whiff of the sweet scent of candies, cinnamon and all things nice. It's smell resembles to a dessert/sweet store so your nostrils will be entranced.

You will be greeted by their friendly staff, dressed as Food & Beverage people. The chef will take your order, offering you a wide range of concoctions that will utterly make you hungry. But nope, they're not for your tummies.

I chose their Chef Special Hand Spa in Spiced Plum Pannacotta. It has a sweet vanilla and plum scent that will tickle your nostrils and induce some sweet cravings. The Chef Special Hand Spa includes a scrub, mask, massage and regular manicure.

My nails badly need some love

The range of polishes included in the Manicure service were LA Colors. Since it was their opening, there were limited colors available, so I just opted to add an additional of php60 to upgrade my nail color to an imported polish. They have a nice selection of imported polishes such as Essies, Ruby WIng, Zoya and other. I chose Essie's Brooch the Subject which was the perfect nude color for this bride to be.

What caught my attention was all the tools they used for the service were mostly kitchen tools. They soaked and scrubbed my hand in a baking pan, swirling the soak solution with a whisk. They blurted cute words such as "icing time!" when they were about to apply the mask and "baking time!' when they allowed the mask to seep in my skin. A kitchen timer will set off once done. It was like cooking up something exciting for my dainty nails.

Found the perfect nude! I loved it!

Overall, my experience at KitcheNails was amazing! The scents from all those concoctions were delish and definitely made my mood happy. I'm gonna return again to try their other services. I wonder how their Foot Spa will be? Now, my feet are craving to be pampered.

What's your favorite nail color?

Trinoma, Q.C.
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