Thiocell: The fastest (and efficient) way to lighten your skin

Monday, December 14, 2015

A white and fair skin have been a norm in our society and commonly associated with the term beautiful. There had been a lot of discussion about it but for whatever reason you may have, nobody is stopping you to achieve that fair and whiter skin ala Snow White. Me? I just want to have that white porcelain skin because I want to go platinum barbie blonde. Sporting a blonde hair is in my bucket list for 2015. I'm looking forward to cross it out but I'm not confident sporting a blonde 'do with my sun-kissed skin.

I was invited to the launch of Thiocell, a new supplement that'll help you wake up glowing. Thiocell is a different kind of glutathione supplement. It is lozenge form which makes glutathione absorption more fast and convenient.

Thiocell consists of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Selenium, a unique combination which helps maintain the Glutathione levels in our bodies. You might be wondering what Selenium does? Selenium or Selenomethionine enhances the antioxidant enzymes of Glutathione, allowing a rapid neutralization of toxic free radicals and recycling spent Vitamins C and E. In plain words, it helps you achieve a younger-looking skin!

It is very unique in comparison to glutathione supplements in the market. It comes in lozenge forms that utilizes the absorption of glutathione through the oral cavity. Research shows that oral capsules have lesser absorption because it it easily synthesized by our digestive system, making it hard for the glutathione to reach the liver. It has also been proven that the fastest way to deliver Glutathione to the liver is through the oral cavity because there are active blood vessels and veins in our cheek area that will effectively deliver the Glutathione to our liver.

Dra Kaycee Reyes from Luminisce discussed how Glutathione works and the advantages of adding more dose of Glutathione in our lifestyle. She highly recommends Thiocell to her customers to achieve that fair and glowing skin. I have learned a lot from her, after 2-3 months of in taking glutathione supplements, it is highly needed you take a month off. NO, you won't go back to your old skin color, not unless you bask under the sun excessively.

The event was set on Thanksgiving and in one of my favorite restaurant, Le Jardin. Le Jardin is a pretty restaurant with amazing food (check my review here). Here are the dishes served to us that time:


Appetizer: House Smoked Salmon

Palate Cleanser

Main Dish: Pork Tenderloin

Dessert: Gil's Dessert, my ultimate fave!

What was sad is that the restaurant I loved had faded in terms of service. I understand they want to serve fresh cooked dishes, but the turnover time was not good. Our food came in almost an hour interval from starters down to desserts. The food is still good as far as I remember, but the service was unfortunate news. The program was halfway done, and we are still in our starter dish. :(


I started using Thiocell last December 1st. I started with 2 lozenge daily, one before going to bed and one the moment I wake up. But after the third day, I minimized the dosage to one lozenge daily taken before bedtime. Why? My tongue started to burn, like when you drank your hot coffee immediately. My taste buds were messed up so I decided to lessen the dosage. One lozenge daily works well for me.

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As for the lightening effect? You'll definitely have the glow! You'll notice that your skin starts to lighten. I was too excited because I saw the result that I immediately dyed my hair blonde! Yup, you heard that right. I was satisfied with Thiocell's result on its first week. I was feeling like Elsa. Hihihi! :)

I'll definitely repurchase another bottle or two. Thiocell is only available on selected skin care clinics like Luminisce and on Lazada for Php2600. Don't worry because by 2016, Thiocell will be available in your leading pharmacy stores.

How do you like my new 'do? :)

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