BDJ Fair 2015: Sharing the Spark for 10 years now with Belle de Jour

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My very first Belle de Jour Planner was in 2009. I was contemplating then if a Php600+ planner was worth it. Up till now, I have no regrets. I may have looked for other planners or even join the bandwagon for coffee planners, but I know deep down that I had my eyes at the Belle de Jour Planner.

photo via BDJ FB page

Every Bella know that the BDJ planner is an extension of their dreams and goals, of what we wanted to be and milestones we have endured. For 10 years, BDJ have been a companion for every hardworking Bella, making their lives more motivated and goal-oriented. This 2015, Belle de Jour has become bigger and as they celebrate their decade of excellence, they hosted their biggest BDJ Fair last Nov 29.

photo via BDJ FB page

I wouldn't miss it for the world. I registered and was included to be part of the scavenger hunt. So despite my lack of sleep (coming from my zombie shift) I braved the blaring Sunday morning to Mall of Asia's open Music Hall.

I was part of Team Glimmer. We search the whole open area and performed different activities from different booths, hoping to emerge as winners that morning. Unfortunately we didn't make it as the grand winner but it was fun and I had a good sweat that morning despite me having no sleep and have not eaten breakfast yet. 

Excited Bellas for the Scavenger Hunt

Booths with different tasks to accomplish.. whew!

Team Glimmer

After the Scavenger hunt, I had enough time to roam around and check out the booths of different brands that time. There were a good mix and a lot of different brands. I was feeling a bit weary and zombie-ish, but I still gamely posed at each booth.

Rappler Booth

Posing with my zombie face for the Lipault IG contest

My Sketchers Flatlay entry

The Music Hall was filled with pumped-up Bellas

Overall, it was onefun BDJ Fair. I already bought my planner for 2016 and I'm excited to jot down all the things I'm looking forward to achieve and discover in 2016 with the help of my trusty companion, Belle de Jour planner.

When did you become a fellow Bella? 

Let's swap stories in the comments below!

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