Tea Monkey Pasig: More than just Milk Tea

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

As you know, I love a good milk tea. I have tried almost all leading milk tea places and know which drinks I liked one from another. A cute new store opened at SM Pasig. I first got a glimpse of it after I had my pampaerings session at Pink Parlour. I tried their milk tea and was glad that they had a unique taste which makes them a bit different that the leading milk tea places.

Tea Monkey Tamayaki and Tea is a quaint milktea place in SM Hypermart Pasig, tucked between a bread store and near a children's play pen. What will make you do a double take is their cute interior walls which will consists of different monkey paintings and all things fun.

When I first dropped by their store during their soft opening phase, I tried their Tea Monkey Special Milk Tea, which I give an approving nod and had been ordering it ever since whenever I'm in the area.

Tea Monkey Special (Php100)

Im back at Tea Monkey again for a foodie meetup to try not only their milk tea but the different snacks that may go well with your milk tea order.


Tamayaki (Php100-120)

As its name impplies Tamayaki is one of Tea Monkey's best sellers. It is similar to a takoyaki but with a different taste. I didn't like the taste of takoyaki because I find it weird, but Tamayaki was different. It's like a soft waffle filled with bits of shrimp, clams and octopus in it, splashed with a savory teriyaki like sauce, japanese mayo and topped with katsuboshi, that makes it lip-smackingly good.

You can have the King Kong, Gorilla George and Charlie Chimp. The only difference of the three is that one is the original flavor, the other have a sweet chili sauce and the other is wasabi. I specially loved the original savory flavor.


Quaffles (Php80 each)

Tea Monkey's quaffles is a hybid of a waffle and mochi. Their waffles were chewy as a mochi yet soft and a bit crunchy as a waffle.

Chocolate Quaffles

Matcha Quaffles

Strawberry Quaffles

Original (white) and Mango (yellow) Quaffles

There are a lot of flavors for the quaffles. You can choose from the original, blueberry, chocolate, matcha, mango and strawberry. You can eat it as is or add a helping of maple syrup.

Hunger Busters

If your tummy is hungry that you can eat a dinosaur, fear not for Tea Monkey also offers sandwiches and rice meal dishes at their store. You can choose which meat you want, either chicken fillets or pork belly cuts, and you can also have it in three different flavors, Honey, Cumin and Black Pepper. I suggest you try their cumin flavored meats for a savoryngly unique taste.

Black Pepper Chicken Fillets

Black Pepper Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Black Pepper Pork Belly 

Also, you can choose if you want flavored meat over rice or in sandwich form. Their rice is also different because it is similar to a lemak rice,but instead of coconut, they infused the rice with nori to make it more fragrant and for an added taste.

Overall, it came as a surprise that I liked Tea Monkey's Tamayaki. I don't ususally eat takoyaki, but their version is simply different. Now, if ever I'm in the area, I can pair my favorite Tea Monkey Special Milk tea with Tamayaki or a Hungry Buster dish for a complete meal experience. Thank you Zomato and Tea Monkey for the fun Zomato Foodie Meetup! ;)

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Tea Monkey Tamayaki and Tea
SM Center Pasig
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