Hanging out at The Balcony Gastropub Legaspi Village Makati

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Balcony Gastropub is tucked in one of the buildings in the busy streets of Legaspi Village. As I fondly remember, Soshi and I have been there a year ago with his office mates for a drink. We were invited by Christine, one of the owners of The Balcony to try their dishes along with other food bloggers.

The Balcony Gastropub didn't change a bit. It's the same as I have remembered it a year ago. Their brick wall interior, antique chandeliers, framed mirrors and wide and open spaced al fresco dining area is all the same.

It was packed the night we went. It was also Acoustic Night for we were greeted with cool acoustic tunes from a live artist. The Balcony Gastropub had been a favorite hangout place for young professionals, especially after office hours. Most of them end their stressful day here by having a drink or two before retiring home. Group of friends meet here to hang out and also catch up, so expect the surroundings to be upbeat with lively chatters and music.

Apart from being a drinking and hangout place, The Balcony Gastropub offers delectable dishes inspired by a lot of cuisine. It has a wide mix of American, French, Italian, Asian and also Filipino dishes. There are a lot of choices in their menu. That night, we were served some of their bestsellers, Here's some of them:

Sisig (Php245)

Their Sisig is made with crunchy chopped pork ears, onions, garlic and spices topped with mayo. Though the picture did not do any justice because of the harsh flash, You surely don't want to miss ordering their sisig. It is best paired with a beer or drink. I like my sisig crunchy so I was happy with the sisig that night.

Twin Mac and Cheese (Php345)

The Twin Mac and Cheese was an interesting dish. It's the same Mac and Cheese but done two ways. The left one is made with cheddar and fontina while the right one is truffled with Gruyere cheese. Both  have different textures, but none the less scrumptious.

Chicken Alfredo Thin Crust Pizza (Php335)

The picture did not do any justice on how good this pizza was. The pizza is topped with chicken breast, mozarella, parmesan, and spring onion. It's like having a more cheesier chicken alfredo sauce on a thin crust pizza. That's how flavorful this dish was.

Chicken Pot Pie (Php230)

This dish is made with creamy chicken and vegetable stew, baked with a flaky homemade crust. It was too creamy and savory that the grilled side salad is a fresh pair with its creaminess.

Chicken Inasal (price by weight and part)

The Balcony Gastropub also offers grilled meats. I liked their version of the Chicken Inasal which was sweet and tangy, almost like the honey bourbon sauce.

Shepherd's Pie (Php395)
Shepherd's pie is a classic British dish which is also an American favorite. It was my first time tasting this dish and it did not disappoint. It has generous amounts of sauteed ground beef topped with potato garlic mash and lots of cheese. For me, the dish was heavenly, I'm already thinking of recreating it at home (unfortunately, I don't have an oven at home).

American Balcony Burger (Php295)

You can have your burger the way you want it at The Balcony Gastropub. Pictured above is their American version, thick cut beef patty with bacon and cheddar, served with shoestring potatoes and salad on the side. Their patty is savoringly juicy that you can consume it without any dressing, just a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

Mexican Balcony Burger (Php295)

This one is the Mexican Balcony Burger. The difference is that it is made with the same thick cut patty with tomato salsa, cream cheese sauce and jalapenos on the side. It also has shoestring potatoes and salad as sides.

Choco Lava Cake (Php120)

For desserts, we had their Choco Lava Cake. Their version of Choco lava was decent and okay. What I liked about it is that there are crunchy burnt-like chocolate on the sides of the cake, which I found interestingly delicious and goes well with the fudge inside. But as for the cake, I like my chocolate cake moist, despite the fudge cake filling.

I got curious with what Christine was drinking that night. She shared that it is a new drink concoction, blue red bull (I think, if there's such a thing) with vodka. I find her drink interesting, and Christine would love us to try it as well. Unfortunately, they were out of blue red bulls at that time.

The Balcony Gastropub is certainly a good place to have a nice dinner and drink afterwards. For those of you looking for a place to drink while munching on good food, why don't you give this place a try. Let me know how your experience was.

Have you been to The Balcony Gastropub? 

What are your favorites?

Share it with me at the comments below!

***Food Photos were taken by Aldous. Thanks for arranging the best food blogger events.. :)***

The Balcony Gastropub
110 C. Palanca Jr. St. Legaspi Village, Makati
Open from Monday to Saturday 11AM to 2AM
Contact No: (632) 818-1551
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