Review: Gerry's Grill SM Mall of Asia

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Uncle from Japan regularly comes to the Philippines for work and if he had time, he would meet us. One time, before his flight back to Japan, he wanted to meet us and asked for help with last minute pasalubong. The family decided to have dinner at SM MOA since it's near his hotel.

Most of the family came from Laguna, so we were completed by 9:00 PM. By the time we finished buying some last minute pasalubong, the mall was already closed.

Everyone was starving and most of the food stores were closed. The nearest in sight was Gerry's Grill.

We are a big group, so we ordered a bit of their dishes. Most of my family are meat eaters (even though most of us are ladies)

Here are some of the dishes we had:

Crab Fried Rice
Fried Rice is my ultimate favorite. So I was the one who suggested to try these. Gerry's grill fried rice are good for sharing (2-3 persons). My favorite would be the Crab Fried Rice for it has generous amount of crab meat and it tastes salty good to me.

Seafood Fried Rice
The Seafood Fried Rice turned out plain, though I was expecting a burst of seafood flavors or even a distinct flavor (kind of like Jambalaya or Paella -ish)

Chicken Lollipop
Ojisan picked the Chicken Lollipop. I didn't find anything special about it. But since he liked it, we didn't mind.

Since it was raining, we ordered a large bowl of Bulalo. The Bulalo was good for 3-4 persons. I find the Bulalo soup too salty in a table salt overload kind of way. The vegetables tasted nice though because of the overload of sodium. The meat was tender enough but not in a fall-off-the-bones kind of way.

Lechon Kawali Adobo
We ordered Adobo and this came as a surprise. The Adobo sauce was served separately with the meat. This tasted good, alone or with the sauce. The Adobo sauce had a prominent vinegar-ish taste.

We also ordered grilled items like Grilled Liempo and Roasted Chicken. No pictures were taken because  they were devoured and finished as soon as the plate touched the table.

What I noticed was almost all the meat dishes we ordered are way too salty for a normal person. (I didn't mind coz I like sodium laden dishes) My sisters also noticed. I can say their dishes are maybe beer-matched that's why they tasted too salty.

To end our night, we ordered Buco Pandan just to cleanse our palate from the sodium-laden dishes we ate.

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