Throwback: Unforgettable Pangasinan

Friday, June 14, 2013

This was an impromptu trip to Pangasinan for Francis's birthday last January 2012. Originally we planned to go trekking at Mt. Pinatubo. But due to the bad weather, our plan was postponed. So we just boarded the bus going to Pangasinan to check out Hundred Islands. But during our 6 hr bus trip, a fellow passenger mentioned about the white sands of Bolinao, and at that time, we were determined to check the place. It was a fun trip since we had the resort to ourselves..

After beach bumming in Bolinao, we decided to continue our trip to Hundred Island the following day. It was surely an unforgettable trip for everyone. We had so much fun with the island hopping that it was dark when we headed back to the port. The waves were treacherous and very dangerous. We were all clinging to our life vests, praying to get to the port safely. Francis remembered that it was his birthday, and recounted the superstition that bad luck is always attracted to the celebrant of special occasions, i.g birthdays. He is a good swimmer, but that time we saw how he slowly put the life vest to himself and clung to the boat for safety. Even our boatman was also praying to get to the port safely since he wasn't confident as well because of the waves.

 Luckily, we were able to get to the port, drenched but safe.

I'll be doing some throwback posts from our travels. I want to share our DIY trips in conquering the Philippines. 

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