Cobo: Amazing PossibiliTEAS

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I was meeting my sister at SM Mall of Asia to borrow some stuff from her. I promised in return to treat her a milk tea. Since she just stepped out of her office for a bit, the nearest milk tea place I spotted was a kiosk named Cobo.
That's my sister right there.
When buying milk tea, I always pick the safest choice, plain milk tea with nata (since pearls would be sticking through my braces) and my sister got the wintermelon milk tea since she's not a milk tea fan.
Both drinks we ordered turned out okay. I can say I have a fair share of experience trying different milk tea places, I've tasted some good and bad milk tea, and so far, this one is leaning towards the good one. My taste buds are starting to outgrow its pechant for milk tea. There was a time that I was hooked and addicted to milk tea, that I wanted to try all the milk tea places in town. But now, it seemed like my fondness had waned out.

Cobo is located just right outside the SM Hypermart in the Mall of Asia complex. They have a wide range of drinks available if you are not a milk tea fan. 

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