HOT: Cosmo's Centerfolds 2010

Friday, September 03, 2010

Here are the Cosmo Centerfolds 2010 (in no particular order.. and with their shirt on..)

  • Carl Guevarra 
    • Rocco Nacino
    • Joross Gamboa
    • Bryan Foronda
    • Tom Rodriguez
    • Marco Mañalac
    • Matteo Guidicelli
    • Fabio Ide
    • Christian Bautista
    • Sam Milby
      Drool on their Half-naked Bods on CosmoMen supplement zine on Cosmo's September issue. It is already out in the market. To see their hot bods live at the ramp, go to the Cosmo's Bachelor Bash at the World Trade Center on September 9.

      On the side note:
       I bought my Cosmo September issue last Saturday (August 28) as soon as I've seen it at Booksale. I've noticed that they carry the freshest issues in SM Malls compared to National Book Store.

      Proper citations was made to the pictures used in this post. I've retained the link where I got them, so when the picture is clicked, it will direct it to the source. So proud of myself, I am now learning the proper ways and ethics of blogging bit by bit.

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