Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My birthday has passed and another year had been added to my age. I'm so happy that this year, I get to celebrate my birthday with everyone I loved. I'd like to thank my father for hosting and arranging the gathering. It was a blast!.

We had a videoke party at my dad's videoke bar. Food was overflowing and I sung my lungs out that night. We had a few drinks. They may say I was drunk, but actually, I was just buzzed with overwhelming happiness that day.

Cheers to life! I am looking forward to another year of love and hapiness. Certainly, I WILL live my life to the fullest.

On the side note:
My dad's Videoke Bar is located at Alabang. It is a decent but spacious open area videoke bar. So if anyone is interested to chill within Alabang area at a reasonable budget, do visit the bar.

Diamond Era Bar and Restaurant
2nd flr. (beside STI-Alabang and right across SOGO Hotel)
Alabang Triangle, Alabang, Metro Manila

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