My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I happened to had a keen love on blogging two years ago, and now, it seems like I had a peek in the wonderful world blogging. I bumped on this writing project (courtesy of fjordz) which can help new bloggers, not only on their viewership, but also to share their passion on something to the world. So I'm submitting my post not only to help out my friends but also fellow bloggers who had been starting out to make their way in the blogosphere. I wish my blog could join, but it had been up for two years, so i wouldn't qualify. :(

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 writing project was headed by Janette Toral and had been ongoing for four years. They are introducing some new bloggers in the light of promoting each others passion through the blogosphere.

Here's my Top 8 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010. I haven't got to complete the 10 because most of the blogs I read on had been up earlier than March 2009. I'm still in search of great bloggers who have the passion like mine
General Blogs
These are some of the blogs which tackles general information and views on different things.
 -This is my hubby's site. I hope he can be included also for he has awesome tips and tricks for people who had been struggling on the technical stuff we have these days. He's also a web developer-in-the-making, so you'll notice that he frequently changes his layout more than he makes his posts. :)

- This is my friend's blog, and it caters everything about the latest news in the showbiz industry here in the Philippines. We know that we, Filipinos love these kind of stuff, so this site would be a good read to have something to talk about (or gossip on) with your friends to update them with the who's and what's in the glimmery light of showbiz industry.
-I'm such a sucker for free stuff. I ultimately love free stuff, and the site was very helpful for frugal people like me (specially the ones who loves free stuff). I am happy every time I read some of the posts.
- The site is fairly new but oh so cute. There is too much cute Asians doing cute poses. I recommend you check it out to see for yourself to see what I mean.

Food Blogs
I am such a food junkie. I love eating. These sites had been very helpful,(and mouthwatering too) for updating me of which foods or restaurants I need to try.
-They have the most amazing reviews and news on FOOD stuff. How great is that?? FOOD.. FOOD. and lots of good FOOD..
-This had been a unique blog for it mainly his reviews caters more on beverages. New stuff to drink and try, I so love the reviews.. simple yet attractively mouthwatering..

Fashion and Beauty Blogs
I've been hooked on reading fashion and beauty blogs to catch on some tips and tricks on fashion (and some confidence too). Their blogs are not only informative, but you'll enjoy reading their posts because they are such lovely individuals (really an eye candy). I had plenty more to recommend to you, but these ladies are some that fall on the qualifications of the writing project.
-If you happened to be subscribed on youtube, you will know that she's quite famous there for her tutorial videos on beauty and stuff. You'll instantly love her channel because she's so refreshing and absolutely pretty. Also, her videos are very helpful with people struggling to look good everyday (like the nerd in me!).
- I was amazed when I found out  that she was younger than me, but had so much passion on beauty. I loved reading her blog. She have great reviews on makeup and stuff.

I'm still discovering great things in the blogosphere, and I hope to meet some of the great bloggers in the country so we could exchange ideas regarding our every passion. Kudos to Janette! I hope this will be another successful project. Good luck to the nominees!

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**will be updating the remaining two if I found another before the project ends..

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