My New Year's Resolution for 2010..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I know these New Year's resolutions are growing a bit old because almost all of us are having a hard time sticking to it and worse, remembering them all. Last year, I saved my new year resolution on my mobile phone, but the worse part is that my phone got lost so I was not able to check if I did try to adhere to my resolutions. Now, I am now jotting this down here at my blog, so I could check again next year if I did keep most part of it.

New Year's Resolution for 2010:

  • I am determined to keep a healthy lifestyle. 
  • I am determined to save more and spend less.
  • I am determined to study more to achieve my ultimate goal: To top the licensure exam for Chemical Engineers.
  • I will worry less and be more optimistic.
  • I will try to organize my files and make sure to throw the things that I really don't need anymore.

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