Master Cleanse Day 4..

Monday, January 25, 2010

After having just four hours of sleep, I was amazed because I managed to woke up with much energy. I was dreading to go to work thinking I wouldn't have enough energy to take calls. I went to work feeling happier because I can flaunt my flat stomach. I bought a tea with me to drink at work, I was worrying not drinking anything hot on an empty stomach. My juice was better now, I added 2 tbsp of the sugar cane juice for added taste and also energy. And it tasted good, I managed to drink everything without having the urge to gag (although there is a sour afertaste, but it was bearable).

I went training for four hours with a breeze. I did felt sleepy at times (maybe because we are not doing anything, just listening). My day went fine until I clocked out of work. Before leaving work, I went to the clinic to check my weight, and I was amazed! From 119LBS, I am now 113LBS!! I was so happy, I lost 6LBS in four days! (I was hoping that after the 10th day, I lost a total of 20-30LBS!!) I went to Landmark to buy my lemons, and I was shocked that the prices of lemons have dropped (from Php12.75 to Php9.50). I bought 10 lemons for the remaining days and decided to continue doing the 10 days cleanse because I seem to have more energy now to do normal things. I will manage to go through the remaining 6 days.

When i was going home, I was exhausted. (maybe because I was lacking some sleep and my heavy bag was an added reason). I asked Joel to meet me at SM to assist me (He was really worried that I might collapse because of hunger). I napped for a while. I  made graham cake for Joel and Iris, it was hard resisting licking off the cream and chocolate off my hands. I managed to make Chloe (my cute dog) to lick it off for me.

Dinnertime came, and I can smell Joel cooking eggs. I miss eating eggs!!. I was salivating while he ate beside me. I was teasing him, asking if i could watch him eat. Dinnertime was always a torture. I miss cooking, and also eating.. Just a bit more and I'll be eating soon... I'll just sleep early tonight..

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