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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Here's something that I can share with you..

I've recently found this cool thing wherein you can earn extra bucks online.
Recently I've signed up for PTC sites. What is PTC?
PTC is a Paid-to-CLick sites wherein they pay a few bucks for people to click ads.
I know you've hear loads of stuff on this kind, but the good thing about this is that its free.
You just need to sign up and instantly you are a member.
You can start your way of earning extra bucks.

The catch?

-You have to have an Alertay and Paypal account. It is where they will transfer your earnings.
No worries, for you just have to sign up on their sites (click the link above)
And those sites have links to our local banks here.
For Alertpay, it does not honor direct wire transfer, you need a third party like pinoygoldexchange in order to transfer your earning to your bank account here in the Philippines..
For Paypal, it honors direct wire transfer, meaning you can transfer your earnings directly to your bank account here in the Philippines.

-It pays about $0.01 per ads that you click.
You may think that its a small amount, but let me tell you my technique.
PTC sites pays on an average of $0.01 per ads,
and on every site there are at least 4-6 ads to be clicked,
so for every site, you earn approximately ( $0.01 x 4 = 0.04) $0.04 per day
How bout you join at least 20 PTC sites?
So that would be $0.04 x 20 = $0.8 pr day
For a month $0.8 x 30 = $24 per month
Convert it to peso, assuming the flat rate of $ = Php45,
you will earn about Php1080 per month.
Not bad for extra bucks, especially if you are just facing your computer and spending most of your time browsing the net for social sites like friendster, multiply, facebook, checking mails, etc..
Why not surf the net simultaneously for leisure while earning some extra cash?

And I'll share with you another trick I've recently found out and still trying..
If you refer someone to click ads also and sign up,
you get the same amount of money they get for clicking an ad.
Lets say you have referred 10 persons,
So that will mean, Php1080 x 10 = Php10800 per month

Isn't it nice that you can earn that kind of money by just sitting in front of the computer and enjoying surfing the net?

But let me tell you that it's not easy cash,
you have to be consistent in clicking the ads in order to earn that money.
The key here is patience and some techniques.
You may discover some other techniques as you go a long way

But, there are CAUTIONS,

-Your computer may not be safe, since you are clicking ads of some advertisers of unknown origin, you may encounter malware and spyware. It's best that you strengthen the security of your computer by adding some anti-malware and anti-spyware programs. It's best to be safe so as not to crash your computer.
-You need to abide with the Agreement of each site. Like most of them require you to post your first payout in their forums so that you can receive your next payment, etc.. Be sure to reads the TOS (Terms Of Service).
-Just click one ad at a time per site. You can just click one ad from different sites simultaneously. Tabbing is also discouraged.
-Make sure that the PTC site you joined in is not included in the Scam List. Of course, there are also PTC sites which is a scam. They do not pay because for some lack funds to be able to pay out their members. Be vigilant on this. You don't want to be clicking ads only to found out that you will not be paid because of this and that.. The sites that I will refer you on, I can assure you that most of them are good PTC sites and they really pay and they belong to the most trusted PTC sites (you can google some of them if you want to gather some info). For some, I'm just basing on the testimonials of other people and I'm still trying on. (because it may vary for some people, people do get lucky sometimes.)

There, I've briefed you on a way to earn extra cash. I'm still working on some of my PTC sites.

So its in your prerogative if you want to try it out or not.

But if you wanted to try it out, please do sign-up on this links I will give you (in return for the info I gave so as to help me with the referrals)

Just click on the banner or link to sign up.

PTC Sites

This may be a long one, but I have told you in brief the in and out of this kind of business.

Patience is the only key here. You reap what you sow.

Hope I have helped you with this..

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