Update: PTC Scams and Alerts

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here are the updated on the PTC sites I've been clicking for almost a month. Some have became a scam, some experiencing technical difficulties, and there are some new sites i have tried.

Here's my first list of PTC that I joined a month ago:

  • Neobux
- As of today, I have rented 3 referrals which cost about $0.75 (I am planning on getting an upgrade) and I have $1.280 on my account. Can't wait till payout time.. Just a bit clicks and I'm about to have my first cash out of $2..
  • Bux.gs
- I am currently has $3.210 on my account, but their payout is way higher than others ($9), same as their upgrade($12 per month). Maybe I'll just be patient and wait for my payout.
  • Buxp
- Same as Bux.gs, BuxP has a high payout minimum of almost $8. I have earned a decent $1.8225 for the last month of clicking.
  • Performancebux
- At first I was doing fine with this site, constantly having 6-8 ads to click. One time, the ads went up to 40 per day and I was glad because I will have less time to click in order for my first cash out, but suddenly the admin announced that they will not be paying out due to their negative funds. WHAT??? How bout my $1.6981 hard earned cash?? It took me almost a month in order to earn that amount. SCREW THEM!!
  • Palmbux
- It has the same minimum cash out of $2 as Neobux, and I am nearing my first cash out because I currently have $1.296 on my account.
  • PaidonTime
- I currently have $1.225 on my account, nearing my first payout of $2 minimum.
  • Shortbux
- I currently have $0.445 on my account, it is still a long way ahead before my first payout.
  • Valuebux
- I currently have $1.785 on my account, halfway through the $3 dollar minimum payout
  • Erabux
- This site is the most slowest one to load whether for logging in and clicking ads, I dont know what script they are using but it is just took so much time for an ad to load. It has a high $5 dollar payout which is quite hard to attain for a standard member. Well, I tried and earned a decent $0.915 on my account. But now, they are not paying its members. I hold no grudge at that because their payout is too high.
  • e-dollar.pl
- This site underwent so many problems, log in problems, script problems and so on and so forth. I had a hard time being credited for the ads and logging in. Eventually the root cause is that the site had a change of admin. Starting the change, the new admin decided to stop paying its members. I think that would be temporary for the new admin is still adjusting. oh well, maybe I'll just wait for further developments. Temporarily, my $0.41 will just be there.
  • Cafebux
- I currently stopped clicking for cafebux because as I have noticed, the site has only four ads to click and many sites to sign up in order to get paid. I only get to click 2-4 ads per day which only gives like 0.001 per ad. I moved on and use my time just clickin on sites that has a realistic vision of a payout.
  • Buxjobs
- Buxjobs currently have stopped paying its members, that's why I stopped clickin. My $0.94 earned cash will be gone again.. haiz..
  • Getpaidfasttoday
- I currently have $0.16113 on my account, way much farther to the $2 minimum payout
  • TheClickers
- I currently have $0.659 on my account, a long way from the $6 minimum payout.
  • vlinx
- I currently have $0.675 on my account, way much farther to the $3 minimum payout
  • azbux
- I currently have $1.675 on my account, way much farther to a high $8 minimum payout
  • Infinitebux
- I currently have $1.075 on my account, getting there to reach the $3 minimum payout
  • Bux-matrix
- I currently have $0.368 on my account, farther from the $2 minimum payout.

Since some of the PTC sites I joined have become a scam, so I decided to join other PTC sites, this time with a much lower payout so that the chance of payout would be high. These sites have a low payout of $1, surely I could have my first payment in less than a month. Though they pay less for the ads, they have like more than 50 ads to click everyday, so its quite the same as others.

Here's some PTC sites that I recently joined:

  • Keepontruckinptc
- I currently have $0.0085 on my account, just requested my payment of $3.34 on my Paypal account. I hope I could receive it by tomorrow. I get to cash out just 2 weeks of clickin. How nice!!
  • Egyptianclicks
-I currently have $0.1335 on my account, farther to the $1 minimum payout
  • GetThatCashptc
-I currently have $0.7233 on my account, nearing to the $1 minimum payout in a matter of days, yehey!!
  • FreeBirdbux
- I currently have $0.61 on my account, way much farther to the $5 minimum payout, anyway I just started clickin a couple of days ago.
  • Synergyclix
- Synergyclix is currently experiencing some technical errors in their site, its been 3 days since the site was down. I wonder what happened.
  • BlueThunderptc
- I currently have $0.16113 on my account, way much farther to the $2 minimum payout
  • NaughtynNiceptc
- I currently have $0.0365 on my account, a bit farther to the $1 minimum payout
  • HeavenSentMails
- I currently have $0.0784 on my account, way much farther to the $1 minimum payout
  • LinkGrand
- I currently have $0.021 on my account, its a long way to reach the $5 minimum payout.
  • QuickRewards
- I am still trying to figure out their system works, but I believe it's quite different from other PTC sites.

Many PTC sites now are being sold and some are becoming a scam because they cannot pay all their members. Many advertisers are not actually investing on these PTC sites because the traffic is quite low though they pay much cheaper than those big ad promoting sites like GoogleAdsense. I have noticed some of the ads that are being promoted are the same PTC sites too, they added a way to earn more traffic through click exchange wherein you click their ads and they clickyour ads, and the members get nothing but a click ratio for the sites, for some they pay a minimal amount.

It is so hard to do this PTC thing because it may take a while before you actually get a grasp of what you have earned. They say that you can do it on your free time, but sometimes it consumes most of my time because I have many PTC sites to click.

Lately, my right hand and shoulder has been aching real bad. I dunno if it's because of my part time call center job or because of clicking on hours on these PTC sites wherein till now, I still haven't felt my hard earned moolah.. Huhuhuhu.. too bad for me and my arm..

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