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Saturday, May 02, 2009

HI! I am happy because I am nearing my first payout at most of the PTC sites I joined. In a few days, I can smell my first payout. I'll post my first payout for everyone to see.

For those who wanted to earn few extra bucks the easy way, try to sign up for PTC sites. It's easy because you'll just click some ads and you get paid. You can just include the clicking during your regular surfing hours. Instead of just wasting your time surfing through other things, why not make the most of it and earn money?

Here are the site address of the PTC sites I've been clicking, you can sign up too (just do me a favor and click the link... ;) It would be good for us both)

But in order to get your hands on your hard earned cash, you must sign up at Alertpay and Paypal. Most of those PTC sites I have mentioned uses both of them. Once you cash out your pay in those PTC sites, it will go directly to your Alertpay or Paypal account,whichever you prefer. Both Alertpay and Paypal are available here in the Philippines. The difference of the two is that Paypal can do direct wire bank transfer, meaning you can have your cash outs transfered directly to your bank account here in the Philippines. While Alertpay, you must have a second party site, Pinoygoldexchange, in order to transfer your cash out to your respective bank account here. Simplifying things, for Paypal, PTC cash out-->Paypal-->Bank account, While for Alertpay, PTC cash out --> Alertpay --> Pinoygoldexchange --> Bank account. Though some sites only honor Alertpay account, its good also because they both are available here in the Philippines.

So, sign up now and start earning your moolahs..

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