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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Due to the ongoing recession and financial crisis that the world is facing, I decided to be useful since its about time I need to do so. I applied for a part time job so I could put my extra time doing nothing into something that is rewarding.

These past few days, I was browsing the net looking for something to make money of online.

The interesting thing I found out is that you can get a nice paying job without having to come to an office and just work at the comfort of your home. Web and Graphic Design and Programming is for me, the best job ever as of today. You'll get paid to maintain or make websites for different projects or companies and it really pays well. but since I have no background on web and graphic design so its not an option for me.

The other thing is that you can earn money on just maintaining a blog using Google AdSense. But Google has been very strict with regards to it. You can't put their ads on free domain sites or free webs. You can place Google ads on registered domain name I guess, the ones you have to pay yearly for the domain name and other stuff. You have an option to use Google AdSense on a blog but applicable at Blogspot only. But then I saw Multiply accounts which has Google ads on it. I am not sure if there are some changes with the rules. I wanted to try it out on this blog, but then I researched on how to do so, and found out that its harder than I imagined.

Then, I came across PTC Sites. PTC Sites are sites wherein as the name goes, you are paid just to click sites. Mainly, advertisers pay these PTC sites in order to advertise their products and services on their sites, and these PTC Sites pay other people to click these ads. Though PTC Sites pay like a few cents for people to click the ads, there are still other things one can do in order ti increase their earnings. There's the Referral Program, if you refer anyone to sign up, you get paid and with every click the referred person makes, you are also paid the same amount as them. There are also Jackpot, MegaJackpot, Lottery and Rent Referrals for the members to increase their earnings.

These are the PTC Sites I've been clicking recently:
  • Nebux
  • PaidOnTime Org
  • BuxP
  • PerformanceBux
  • PalmBux
  • Sortbux
  • Valuebox
  • Erabux
  • BuxJobs
  • CafeBux
  • Get Paid Fast
  • The Clickers
  • vLinx
  • BombLogic
  • asBux
It's quite a list, but if you think about it, they pay almost like $2 per site for all the ads clicked and if you have like 20 sites to click, it would increase your earnings. but then, till now, I haven't been paid with any of these sites because I just recently joined. I have to meet the minimum payout amount, for some it's $2.

Though PTC Sites are on the trend for making money online these days, there are stil people that wants to take advantage just to make money. There are Scam PTC Sites also. They are sites that have the same objectives and rules as other PTC Sites, but then they don't pay the clickers. I'm vigilant regarding PTC Sites that I join to. I'm still trying to figure out which of these sites pays well and which are just a hoax. It's hard to determine , especially if you just recently joined because you won't know if it's true unless you receive your payout. It may take quite a while before I figure it out myself, and I'm putting my fate to those others, based from what I read, that had their payouts and gave testimonials on these sites.

I'll update and give info as soon as I get my first Payout on these sites..

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