It has officially ended..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Officially, my birthday has passed...

Yet another year has been added.. I may be starting to get old (age increasing..)

To all who remembered and took their time to greet me, thank you! I truly appreciated the thought.

To my family, i am greatly thankful that you remembered despite the busy schedules and me not being visible around the house. Though mom is not here, i know she remembered.

To my ever dearest boyfriend,Soshim, who had gone his way of preparing something special, the gift was greatly appreciated. Thank You for loving me despite of me being so stubborn and snobbish. You've seen my worst side, and yet you patiently tried to understand me. Thank You very much and I Love You.

To all my classmates who greeted me earlier, thank you! Not only for the greeting, but also giving me a chance to show my passion, and being able to share my talent with all of you. Your appreciation and compliments make my heart swell with happiness for I felt I gave justice to the art of dancing.. Thank You so much..

Belated Happy Birthday to me..

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