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Friday, August 01, 2008

Last night, after dinner I decided to watch a new downloaded movie.. It was My Bestfriend's Girlfriend starring Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera.. The movie is a typical filipino movie, girl hates guy at first then eventually fell in love with boy, then forbidden love comes in, the struggle and a happy ending. Here's a quick info bout the movie..

User Rating: 6.4/10

Director: Mark A. Reyes


Richard Gutierrez... Evo

Marian Rivera... Grace

J.C. de Vera... Mark

Ehra Madrigal... Akiko

Pilar Pilapil... Evo's Mom

Deborah Sun... Delia

Benjie Paras... Mang Dindo

Renz Valerio... Christian

Paolo Paraiso... Brando

J.C. Cuadrado... Jeff

Chariz Solomon... Chicky

Diana Malahay... Dindi

Alex Castro... Jun

Josef Marcelo... Mike

Marco Morales... Dave


After an awkward yet memorable encounter at a stag party, Evo (Richard Gutierrez) and Grace (Marian Rivera) thought they would never see each other again. Little did they know that Grace is actually the girlfriend of Evo's best friend, Mark ('JC de Vera' ). As the arrogant player that he is, Evo takes advantage of what happened at the party to make Grace agree to his demands. He forces Grace to pretend as his girlfriend to make Akiko (Ehra Madrigal), his ex, jealous. But, they will accidentally fall in love to each other. Written by iGMA.tv
Grace is a dancer who comes out of a huge cake in a stag party attended by Evo, who's surprised when he learns later that Grace is the girlfriend of his best friend. When Evo is dumped by his own girlfriend, he hires Grace to pretend to be his new girl to make Ehra jealous, leading to some unexpected complications. Written by iGMA.tv


*The movie's title is being criticized lately because the word "bestfriend" is not acceptable. To put it bluntly, it does not exist. It should have been written as two separate words (best friend). Wikipedia and IMDB have self-corrected the title, but I think GMA Films has no plans of changing it.

*In Hollywood, there's also an upcoming film which has an almost identical title with that of My Bestfriend's Girlfriend (BFGF). Entitled My Best Friend's Girl, it stars Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Alec Baldwin & Jason Biggs and set for release September of 2008.

*My Best Friend's Girlfriend is a title of a song by The Cars, a book by Wendy Loggia and a 2002 TV show in the US starring Shia LaBeouf.

*BFGF marks as the screen debut of Alex Castro, who was an incidental product of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 when his name emerged as Wendy Valdez's rumored ex-boyfriend. He even guested on PBB Uplate to show some support to Wendy.

Personal Review:

I'm not a fan of both, but then due to boredom, I tried watching this film. It was fine, there are some scenes where it made me laugh. I personally do not like Richard Gutierrez, coz I find him too handsome that it sometimes makes me gag. But then there are scenes in the movie that I find him cute. Marian is funny but I liked her better in Marimar. And the dance she keeps doing, at first it's cute and nice, but now i find it quite repetitive and tiring to watch. Overall, the movie is okay. But then if it was Bea and John Lloyd, I'm sure it would be nicer...hahaha..

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