Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Wow, time do travel fast. Last year I was desperately wanting to go to the Como Bachelor Bash 2008, I even emailed Zo if I could at least buy tickets, but then it was a limited to 100 persons I think event. I promised that day that I will do anything just to be able to attend the Bachelor Bash. It will be my Birthday gift to myself (since my birthday is on September 6).

I have been buying Cosmo for years already. I think the editor that time was Myrza? (I am not sure of her full name) and now it's Zo, and loved the September issue eversince. I did not miss a September issue of Cosmo. I wish I can be picked this time to go to the BAsh. It would be the best Birthday gift EVER!!!


bachelorette_gay said...

do you have any idea who's gonna be on the centerfolds?

Carol said...

I dunno.. But I have hunches... I'm not quite sure, but we'll see.. I bet they are all gorgeous, especially the fresh 69 bachelors.. ;)

Can't Wait!!..

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