UPDATE: Hey, I'm still here!! ^__^

My blog is not yet dead.. just hibernating as I try to re-assess how I should proceed.

You see, I started my blog because I wanted to share a piece of me in the blogosphere, in case there is someone out there who can relate. I firmly believe that there's no one left out in this world.

I gave birth to my first child last May 24, and everything is a whirlwind. I birthed a child into this world, left my job and my home country to start a new life in a new country. I am currently a stay at home mom, focused on taking care of my first child and husband as well.

I did my research and reading to prepare, but nothing compares to the actual responsibilities of motherhood. Motherhood is one tough phase that you'll never outgrew. I used to say to myself "Give it more time and you'll have a system and everything will be place." Boy I was so wrong.


Hello guys,

I know it's been more than four months since I have updated this blog. A lot of you have been wondering what happened to me. Let me fill you inn with an update.

Brows on Fleek with Fashion 21

Brows on Fleek is a rising trend in beauty these days, thanks to Instagram and the Kardashians. If you are wondering what this latest craze is, let me walk you through..

Eyebrow grooming have evolved through generations. Whether you have thin or bushy brows, you can also hop on the Brows on Fleek bandwagon. The Brows on Fleek trend generally means a perfectly groomed, filled and shaped eyebrows.

How to achieve Brows on Fleek?

Chef Boy Logro's 7 Flavors Restaurant

Food Buffets have been a big part of the Philippine food culture. We all love a good buffet as the sight of abundance of food is something that excites us and our tummies. There are a lot of choices for buffet spots across the Metro, and another buffet spot is a welcome addition for foodies like us.

Chef Boy Logro is known as the Kusina Master where he whips up delicious dishes in a breeze. It's  not a surprise that he opened his own restaurant, 7 Flavors in San Juan. It opened last May 2015, and had been satisfying a lot of foodies for it's wide selection of dishes at an affordable price.

Sosh and I wouldn't pass up this invite to try the dishes at 7 Flavors. We dropped by at dinnertime on a weekday. The place is big and the interiors were really modern. They have ample parking spaces, which is a hard to find in San Juan.

Check out the our experience in full HD:

Ramen Cool West Ave

Japanese cuisine is one of the fast-rising cuisine that was welcomed by the Filipino palate with arms wide open. It is inevitable as a lot of Japanese big food chains have opened here and you can have your fill of Japanese dishes anywhere, from high-end down to hole-in-wall types.

Fresh from our honeymoon as newly wed couple, Soshi and I was craving for something Japanese. Luckily we got an invite from Ramen Cool West Ave to try out their dishes.

Ramen Cool is a simple Japanese restaurant which offers a variety of Japanese dishes like rolls, sushi, sashimi, donburi and ramen. Currently they have 3 branches all across the Metro. Their interiors and ambiance is comparable to the clean and minimalistic approach of the Japanese.

Check out our dining experience in the video below: